I'm a photographer located in Northern California.  I put my whole heart and soul into capturing the beauty of people as they really are. If you are looking for a photographer who takes photos of people standing all in a row, smiling, I am not your girl.


I photograph the joy in your child's face as they hold a ladybug or chase a butterfly.  I photograph the loving look a husband gives his wife.  I document the details that you will want to remember; your small child's hands, your new baby's tiny feet, the loving embrace of siblings or lovers. I photograph human connection. 


I want each image I give you to mean something.  I want the images I give you to reach right into your soul. I want you to be able to say, "I will cherish these forever."


Because of that, I do things a little differently.  I choose the images I deliver to you. Each image will be a piece of fine art that you can hang proudly in your home and in your heart.  


-Christina McLauchlin, Soul Photographer